After long deliberation and consideration, we have decided to switch from our current 10oz 

glass bottles to a larger 12oz eco-friendly plastic bottle and plastic quart bottles.  


One of the main reason we originally used glass bottles was for their re-usability.  The return 

and re-use rate has not been as high as we hoped.


We selected a product that features cutting edge technology in next-generation sustainability 

packaging: recyclable & landfill biodegradable plastic bottles.  Studies show that the majority 

(86%) of plastics are discarded in landfills.  The bottles we have selected will biodegrade in 5 

years instead of 700 years for a typical plastic container and does not contaminate the 

recycling stream as they are 100% recyclable.  Also, per Carnegie Mellon University study, 

glass requires twice the energy to produce, produces 3 times more greenhouse gases and 7 

times more global warming gasses than plastic.


Although our bottles are not meant for compost environments, nor is 

it oxo-degradable in the open environment; the additive technology is 

specially designed to naturally biodegrade through microorganisms 

when disposed of properly in a landfill environment.   These plastic 

bottles are effectively converted into soil, water and gas within 

landfills through a natural microbial process.


It is intentionally formulated for controlled biodegradation that is 

conducive for Clean Energy capturing projects (US EPA LMOP), while 

integrating seamlessly with today’s waste disposal infrastructure and 

its performance is supported by internationally recognized ASTM 

standards and Bio-Methane Potential (BMP) studies as well as End-

Of-Life Responsibility studies.


FDA/EU Compliant For Food Packaging, REACH Compliant Materials, 

No Heavy Metals, Non-Hazardous, BPA Free, Validated 

Biodegradation Solution.